Our Vision

To disciple each person to become all God made them to be, releasing them to joyfully live out the good news of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Identity in Christ
The bedrock from which our character, our culture and our purpose springs from.

Advancing God’s kingdom – we are a called people, chosen to extend the reality of God’s healing and wholeness into all areas of life, as we take God’s presence out into our communities through our laid-down lifestyles and commitment to prayer, the exercise of spiritual gifts, and sharing of the good news of Jesus.

Freedom and grace – we receive God’s freedom and grace through faith alone and not by any effort of our own. We are a people who demonstrate the same freedom and grace to all people from every walk of life, as each person is made in God’s image.


What does it mean to be a community together?

We connect with God through Spirit-filled worship, expectant prayer, application of his Word and other spiritual disciplines

We will be transformed through relationship with God and in response to his Word and Spirit, so that we may all grow to maturity as disciple-making followers of Jesus

We will be a family relating well to one another and open to mutual correction

We do what we see the Father doing in evangelism and world mission

We are ready for suffering and persecution for the sake of the gospel

What does leadership look like at Towcester Hub Church?

Anointed and led by God

Devoted to God

Humble and accountable

Pursuing holiness in character and lifestyle


Hungry for the presence and power of God

Emotionally intelligent

Team players

Our Values


God is a compassionate Father to us. He reveals his compassion in many ways, including through Jesus. As people who, through mercy, have been united with Christ, we are called to be like-minded in our tender and compassionate treatment of others (Philippians 2:1–2). Similarly, as those who have been forgiven much we must be prepared to forgive others much too. We encourage everyone to model a lifestyle of sacrificial compassionate love. This will lead us to the most needy, hurting, marginalised people in society to give them help, hope and a voice.


There is nothing more courageous than Jesus coming to Earth in human form to give his life for our wrongdoing. We are now called to be courageous in responding to his instruction to go into all the world and make disciples. Courage is also needed if we are to be extravagant in the quality of mercy we show to other people, enabling us to go beyond our limits and go the extra mile for them. Courage is crucial if we are to be genuinely Spirit-led, guided by God to reach out to those who do not yet have a relationship with him. Courage enables kingdom breakthrough here on Earth.


Our God is generous. He gave us the world we live in and each other for company and community. He gave us his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He gives us gifts and supplies our daily physical, emotional and spiritual needs. God’s generosity stems from his love for us and our lifestyle of generosity flows from a desire to share what we have experienced with others. We can never out give God but we can give without expectation of return or concern for the cost to ourselves. Generosity impacts those around us. It is about being generous not only with money but with our time and effort. It is having a willingness to serve with excellence.


God is worthy of all praise and honour. We are made in his image and so we can find things in every person that we can honour. By paying the price for our lives on the cross, Jesus has assigned eternal value to each life. Honour is not based on how well we perform or how good we are, but on the supreme truth that God has placed his glory inside us through Jesus Christ, his Son. We seek to recognise, protect and uphold the intrinsic value of every life in our behaviour towards everyone. Treating people with honour levels the playing field – all are of equally high value. Honour goes beyond respect; it is about loving people for who they are. 

Prayer for Towcester

If you ask anything in my name…

We believe that God answers prayer. We aren’t exclusive and know that other churches and other christians are praying for Towcester and the surrounding area. Yet we are looking for a significant move of the Holy Spirit across the region and therefore we have been praying reguarly to seek God and seek his kingdom. We started off in 2015 with fortnightly meetings which were called ‘Prayer for Towcester’ and were open to all to join in and catch the vision.

Since then as we have gradually formed up as a church we have been doing prayer walks through the estates in Towcester and also in surrounding villages, asking God to move through our lives and through our community in ways which are more powerful than we have experienced up until now.