Good News

The news always seems bad and so it may come as quite a surprise that the Christian message is actually good news. The word Gospel in the bible means just that. GOOD NEWS.

Good News

How can things be good when humans live to a certain age and then get old, suffer and die?

A message of hope

The message we share is one of hope as it provides reliable and lasting answers for the big questions…

  • The meaning of life
  • What happens when we die
  • How we can sustain loving and meaningful relationships

Keep reading on, as the good news fully answers all these issues, now and for always.

The problem

You can’t get to the good news without first facing the problem. The world we live in is not a perfect place. That is obvious.


People blame people. They blame the problems themselves. Things are bad because of unemployment or poverty or poor government.

The bible teaches us that the real problem with our own lives and with the world in general is down to sin.

sinsThe heavy stuff

Sin isn’t so much about eating too much cake, it is doing anything that misses out on God’s best for us and for the people (and world) around us.

His standards are perfect, so we all have fallen short.

We are always out for ourselves and what we want, and this doesn’t fulfil us either. Talk to the celebrities. The bible teaches that this sin separates us from God. It leads to death. It is why God seems so very far off. It is why the world is so screwed up. It isn’t down to the world in general or people in general. Is is down to you and me. Each individual person. Pride and selfishness – sin is within each of us. That is the bad news. It separates us from God. Does God get angry with evil? Yes. Does God get angry about our sin? Yes. That’s why death came into the world.

viewThe Rescue

The good news is God hasn’t just left us to suffer, get old, die and perish.
God has made and carried out a rescue plan.

Jesus is the rescue plan

God himself has come into the world in the person of Jesus. He alone lived a sinless life. He wasn’t religious in the conventional sense. He got angry with the religious establishment because of all their outward laws and traditions which were trying to make religious people look good on the outside.

But God looks on the inside. He knows our thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

Jesus lived a good life and his teaching has massively influenced the world; love your neighbour as yourself, love your enemies, forgive and you will be forgiven…

But it is in his death on a cross that God’s rescue plan is fully made known.
Jesus on the cross took the blame for all our sin. For all the things in our lives we are not proud of.

He took the punishment we deserved.

The bible describes it like this; ‘When we were utterly helpless, with no way of escape, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners who had no use for him. Even if we were good, we really wouldn’t expect anyone to die for us, though, of course, that might be barely possible. But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. And since by his blood he did all this for us as sinners, how much more will he do for us now that he has declared us not guilty? Now he will save us from all of God’s wrath to come. And since, when we were his enemies, we were brought back to God by the death of his Son, what blessings he must have for us now that we are his friends and he is living within us! Now we rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God—all because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done in dying for our sins—making us friends of God. (Romans 5:6-11 TLB)



The good news therefore is there is forgiveness available, all through the person and work of Christ on the cross. Being forgiven by God is an end to bitterness, selfishness and pride. It makes a new beginning. A new relationship with God. The old has gone. Everything is wiped clean. A clean slate. A new start. God changing us on the inside…

  • Forgiveness before God.
  • No more guilt.
  • Restored relationships.
  • An inner peace.

All through the cross of Christ.


How do you get this forgiveness?
Tell God that you are sorry for the bad stuff in your life.
Ask God to forgive you, remembering that Jesus died to take all the guilt, shame and blame that we deserve.
Ask Jesus to come into your life. He will!

Turning around

When we come to him for forgiveness God calls us to turn our lives around.
If you’ve asked Jesus to come into your life he will give you the power to live for him, not by doing lots of showy religious things on the outside, but by changing your attitudes and behaviour from the inside out. The word repentance means turning round from what we once were and once did and going in the opposite direction, living for God and finding out what he wants for our lives.


Power to live a new life

Jesus didn’t just stay in the tomb. He rose again and has conquered the grave. He lives today and through the Holy Spirit, God gives us power to live as Jesus did.

Eternal life

‘For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ (John 3:16 TLB)

This good news is really good. If you’ve given your life to Christ, you have everlasting life. You don’t need to be afraid of death. God loves you and will be with you always. Tell someone else!

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